Saturday, October 30, 2004

Google Adwords Report Center- Improved(slightly)

Ok so google is making it a littler easier to create and manage reports. Even though the reports are severly lacking many areas, it is step in the right direction.

Supposedly you reports are nicer and generated more quickly. All I know is when I was creating reports today, I was turning grey running a very very basic report. 34 minutes and still waiting....zzzzzzz give me a break. Either it is improved or it is not. (the page said it would be done in 1-5 minutes) I may have to give them a break and try again in a few days and see if they get the server load figured out. But when I want a report I want it NOW....not in 47 (still waiting) minutes. Life is too short man.

On the positive side they have done some nice are the Basics & Highlights...

The Improved AdWords Reports Center lets you create and manage reports with more flexibility. You can save report templates, store up to 5 recently created reports, and enjoy easier graphing and more file formats. (You can now use XML which is cool)

SCHEDULED AND ON-DEMAND REPORT TEMPLATES: Save any report as a template by selecting "I want to run this report in the future' when creating the report. Then save it to run on demand, or schedule it to run automatically on a regular basis. The report and its parameters will be saved in your Download Center. This is nice since once you get your reports to be configured how you want they are saved as a template.

STORED REPORTS: The new Recently Created Reports area lets you download and view your 5 latest reports. Older reports are automatically deleted as new ones arrive. (This is very inadequate in my opinion, I run 50 reports a day so this is worthless to me)Google has a gazillion servers... please let me; the paying customer store at least 100-200 reports. Heck, Google gives tons of storage to gmail users for free, why not the people that are making them rich? (us advertisers) (this is for the google people that read this Blog)

MORE FILE FORMATS: View your report online in HTML, or download reports in multiple formats, including XML, CSV and TSV. Finally XML!! Now all they need to do is send it to me on my own private Feed. :)

ENHANCED GRAPHS: Viewing and downloading graphs is easier than ever. And our new 'Printer-friendly graphs' page gives you all graph views in one page for easy printing. HMMMMM... I am not all that impressed. But again; a step in the right direction.

One nice thing that they did that I really like is that the reports can be scheduled and emailed to multiple addresses which is great. I can just let the reports roll directly to multiple contacts & clients. Nice.

If there are any improvements you would like to see, post them here and I will get them to Google. Sorry this was a bit long, I will ad more in the future about this new area.

Rodney Rumford

New Google Adwords Diagnostic Tool

Google has just released a new diagnostic tool to help advertisers determine why their ads may not be showing(when they think they should be). It is really a fairly simplistic tool & EZ to use. It will also tell you if the ad is showing but not being shown on page one for example.(no secret here, just look at your stats)

It then will tell you the possible scenarios for why your ad might not be shown. And it will tell you how to possibly remedy the problem. You can search by keywords, etc... This tool is good for the beginner and will help advertisers get a handle on some of the basic issues. Advanced users may find this tool of nominal use.

I think it is a step in the right direction of providing better tools so that advertisers can help themselves. God only know how long it takes to get a canned response from google if you have real questions of importance. This tool will help the newbies and is a step in the right direction.

You will need to be logged into your account to access the new diagnostic tool.

Let me know what you think of this new tool and how Google could improve it.

Rodney Rumford

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Boston Wins!... Blogs & RSS Feeds Are Telling The Story

Well it has only been since 1918...that's 86 years since these guys won a World Series! What is the lesson here? Persistence, dilligency, determination, belief, and a good game plan. The greatest sports comeback of all time.

I really love this story, even if you are not a sports fan you can take a business lesson from this great story. I have started several businesses, some very successful, some not so successful... The lesson here is to pick yourself up, learn more, get the right tools, and move forward.

If you are working online with your business it can be very tough. You have to have a good game plan, have the right tools, execute, and follow through. Blogs and RSS feeds are the hottest marketing tools online and they are telling the story online about this great victory. The power of RSS and Blogs is amazing.

They are the hottest Marketing and Media tools online now. And they cost nothing to use. The power of these tools is truly revolutionary. Make sure you are using them for your business.
"From cursed to first!" This could be your business!
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Rodney Rumford
p.s. By the way, I still love Google Adwords!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Adwords Race: 5 Lessons to Learn

I was at my daughters cross country race this afternoon and a thought occurred to me about adwords. Adwords is like running a cross country race. (Running 2.44 miles in the hills is no easy task)

They were worried before the race, struggled through the course, some fell, but got right back up determined to succeed. Some were felling pretty sick, but 10 minutes later were just fine. Some were jumping up and down and cheering after they ran and had success. When they were finished with the race they were happy and very proud and pleased with what they had accomplished. Many talked about how they had improved their performance from what they had learned from past races.

It reminded me of what some of my clients and people that have read my book sometimes feel like. So I drew a few parallels regarding the trial and tribulations that we go through in the business world with adwords.

Lessons Learned:
1.Be determined to run the Adwords race and not quit
2.If you fall (or are wanting better results) get back up and keep running
3.Talk to the coach so that you know best how to run the race.
4.Track your results, always try to improve.
5.Have fun and work through the pain.

Rodney Rumford

Monday, October 04, 2004

RSS Feed & Blog Marketing Launch

I just wanted to give my readers a heads up on new book that is about to be released. The book is "How To Profit & Market With Blogs & RSS". I have been using blogs & RSS for over a year and have had great success for my clients using these two combined technologies for a 1...2...Punch! RSS & Blogs Can improve your business online in many ways.

Go to the site to learn more
Make sure you sign up for the free 5 day course on RSS & Blogs.

We have also set up a new blog for this specific topic of RSS & Business Blogging.

Rodney Rumford