Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Business Blog Marketing Training Session and Video

I was recently asked to speak to a group of marketing professionals at the San Diego Software Industry Council about business blogging. The training session was fantastic and very well received by the marketing professionals that attended.

What happened was that after the training session was over people were asking me for slides and saying that they wish they had a video so that they could review the information that was covered. This all got me to thinking that we should produce a Business Blog Marketing training video, power point slides and a companion workbook that covered additional information about the marketing benefits of Business Blogs. We actually created a 77 Minute Video about business blogging.

Some of the attendees had additional questions and concerns: so we put together a 22 page workbook that outlines action items, 8 fatal errors to avoid, key issues to business blogging success, how to get online visibility with your blog, Google & Yahoo new services that are important to marketing professionals, blog platform reviews, resources, glossary, etc...

Click here to Watch the Video of the first 5 minutes of the Business Blogging Session

Click here If you want to see the entire Business Blog Marketing Training Session Package

Having a properly executed Business Blog is a very important aspect of marketing online and is a critical part of Web 2.0, so make sure you check this out. We also talk about very recent news about how Yahoo and Google are embracing business blogs, podcasts and RSS feeds with new services that can take your business marketing to a whole new level..

Rodney Rumford