Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New Media Gulp: Web 2.0 Trends, Technology & Software Blog

We thought that it was important to inform & announce to the loyal readers of this blog about a new media venture that we have recently launched. We have been involved in Web2.0 technology before it was called web 2.0. We have been on the cutting edge of this field for several years.

So we have decided to create a new media outlet with some pretty lofty goals. The Blog & Podcast Property: is a Web 2.0 trendspotting and reporting resource blog.

This blog will inform business owners, technology players, managers, developers and startup entrepreneurs on the latest developments online and how they are impacting businesses.

We have unique and original content about technology start-ups, Web 2.0 Software and Service developments as well as offering our insights into how these technologies are changing the face of the internet.

This is a very exciting time to be reporting on new developments with new technologies being launched at a high rate of speed. These technologies are penetrating and upsetting traditional business models with technology that streamlines processes and offers anew way to engage social media and consumer generated media such as blogs, podcasts, video, RSS, Mashups, etc...

Software development environments such as AJAX, Ruby on Rails, XML and other exciting new technologies are facilitating the rapid velocity of change that we are experiencing on the internet in the last year or so.

So stay on top of the new media trends at